Wheels Rims WAS: RE: 17x8", 32mm offset?

Mike Sylvester msylvester at verizon.net
Fri Aug 27 12:28:41 EDT 2004


My concern with the interference between the wheels and UFO was not really
about the engagement with the hub.
The hub is plenty long.  If it were not, the 5mm spacers would have the same
My concern was that the wheel was making contact with the sheet metal part
of the rotor where it bulges to clear the caliper.
If that is the contact point, any flex in the rotor will allow the lug bolts
to loosen.

Mike Sylvester

>Hi Phil:
>I think the concern was that if the alloy wasn't on the hub "lip"
>and was just flush against the UFO rotor, the shear strength of the
>wheel was carried solely by the 5 bolts holding the alloy pressed
>against the UFO.
>I've personally seen two such set ups separate on tracks.......
>The last was from (arguably) the old severe transition from the road
>course to the NASCAR loop at NHIS.  Its there where the rim came off
>the car.  Thankfully, Alan came to a soft rest in the level
>A safety concern to all when we whizz around WG.
>-Scott by BOSTON

Hi Scott,
Sorry, ignore the ramblings I spewed in my last message--brain not
yet engaged this morning. :(


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