Throttle Switch Replacement Pt. No.

Brice Warnick Brice2004 at
Fri Aug 27 20:14:11 EDT 2004

The throttle switch 034 133 154F which is the Bosch no. 0 280 120 410 is
no longer availabe and is not scheduled to be remade by Bosch.
There is no superceding no. on the engineering drawings from Audi to
Bosch. I talked with Bosch engineering and they said that the switch has
not been reordered by Audi to have any more made. They also said that
there is no superceding no.
There is none of these switched anywhere in the world. Germany is trying
to order this switch from the US and is backordered there.
On the S2Central UK site I found this
On this site it shows the 034 133 154F as being the same as the Bosch
no. 0 280 120 431.
The 431 Bosch no. is the Audi 078 133 154 which is for the S4/S6. This
switch is readily available. 
I emaile the S2Central site a month ago and asked where they got ths
information and have got no reply.
Does anyone know if the Bosch 431 can replace the 410 no?
If it cant then that means that 200 20V owners will have to find salvage
switches to re-solder. 

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