Wheels Rims WAS: RE: 17x8", 32mm offset?

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Fri Aug 27 21:05:54 EDT 2004


Oh yeah that too.......  I initially tought your reaction was to the touching 
of the UFO disc.
Mike's right also (as always) here's a photo of the inside of the rim as I 
teched the car for Watkins Glen this Monday.
Notice the "contact" wear ring on the inside of the alloy where it touched 
the UFO.

At Wg 1 tech in July (where I met Phil) only 3 of the 20 lug nuts were loose, 
from their last tightening back in 2003.  Car sat on a trailer all winter.

Also replacing the rear tire with a bubble in the sidewall really smoothed 
out the brake chatter and the ride...................
-Scott 3 photos attached.
FYI:  These 17" copy A4 rims are stamped 35 ET so there is a need for a 
spacer (5mm) if the contact with the UFO is disconcerning.

> Scott/Phil,
> My concern with the interference between the wheels and UFO was not really
> about the engagement with the hub.
> The hub is plenty long.  If it were not, the 5mm spacers would have the same
> problem.
> My concern was that the wheel was making contact with the sheet metal part
> of the rotor where it bulges to clear the caliper.
> If that is the contact point, any flex in the rotor will allow the lug bolts
> to loosen.
> Mike Sylvester

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