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Yes, that  and getting a rusted clip off which holds the cable in a bracket.
I cut the cable near the handle with a dremel tool , then it is much easier
to get the old one off. You may also want to file some off the rust out of
the hole where the cable passes through the frame so the new cable slides
through easier. There have been several write-ups on rebuilding the rear
calipers. Actually just cleaning and regreasing the e-brake internals. Maybe
the authors have sent these to you. If not, I can send you what I have. The
hardest part is getting a snap ring out. I found a small screw driver works
very well to pop it out. Really not that bad of a job.

Gary Martin
94 UrS4
91 200 TQA

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> So until I can get this fixed, I've imposed a self-regulated moratorium on
> ebrake use.  And looking at the Bentley, I'm guessing the hard part about
> the cable replacment is attaching it to the rod that comes off of the
> handle?

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