Fw: A/C Compressor not coming on - Help with Ch. 17 diag

Jeremy Palenchar jeremyp at mindspring.com
Sat Aug 28 14:17:53 EDT 2004

You were absolutely right.

I was mis-reading the LED readout.

The gauge/can setup I bought from the local auto parts store was complete
junk. I am going to try to get my money back.

Any suggestions on a gauge/refill system that actually works?


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Based on my recent experience, I think it may be that you are mistaking the
3 LED for the 5 LED.  If it is really the 5 LED that is on, then you simply
have low pressure and the low pressure switch is open.   And if you have
been converted from R12 to R134, there are DIY  R134 recharge kits at most
auto-parts outlets.   I had mine converted to R134 two years ago, but it
lost pressure over the winter each summer season since.  To have it
professionally recharged is ~$100 or more each time; so for ~$50 for a
fill-hose w/guage and one can of refrigerant  from NAPA, I did mine myself
ths season.  Below is the Channel 17 writeup from either SJM's site or from
Chris Miller's.

(Embedded image moved to file: pic23622.gif)Channel 17

When Channel 17 is read, each segment that is lit (or not) has a meaning, as
1 lit:  compressor on.
2 lit:  compressor off.  A/C refrigerant high pressure switch (red housing)
3 lit:  compressor off.  Outside temperature too low, or mode = ECON or OFF
(check outside temp sensors)
4 lit:  compressor off.  Electrical system voltage less than 9.5 volts.
5 lit:  compressor off.  A/C refrigerant low-pressure switch open.
6 lit:  compressor off.  Kick down function activated. (switches on after
12 seconds).
7 lit:  compressor off.  Coolant temp warning switch, or multifunction temp
switch closed. 

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