steering rack

Dave C dconner at
Wed Dec 1 12:19:54 EST 2004

I have not rebuilt a rack, but replaced a few with rebuilt units.  The
most recent one was about two years ago and now I see the boot is
torn... for no apparent reason.   Bummer...especially given the
original boots last so much longer.  Is quality of replacement parts
that much lower?  I'm afraid the torn boot will lead to early failure.
Maybe I should pull the rack and replace the boot.

What do you think?
Will the torn boot lead to early failure?
What is involved in boot replacement once the rack is off the car?

This is a Jorgen rebuild... same unit I had difficulty installing due
to buggered splines where it connects to the steering column.
- -
Dave C.

Bernie wrote...
The Q is who rebuilt it and with what competence.  Why would you
consider buying it, rather than rebuilding yours?

> From: TooManyAudis at
> Just noticed a new (well, reman) ZF steering rack for 5000/100/200 Audis on
> ebay.

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