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Bernie Benz b.benz at
Wed Dec 1 14:27:06 EST 2004

> From: Dave C <dconner at>
> Bernie,
> I have not rebuilt a rack, but replaced a few with rebuilt units.
The R&R is 90% of the job, the real PITA.

> The most recent one was about two years ago and now I see the boot is
> torn... for no apparent reason.   Bummer...especially given the
> original boots last so much longer.  Is quality of replacement parts
> that much lower?  I'm afraid the torn boot will lead to early failure.
> Maybe I should pull the rack and replace the boot.
No, don't pull the rack for just a torn boot!  The high pressure rod seal
will start to leak soon enough, then replace both.  The ZF boots are good
but some of the aftermarket boots have a very short life. BTDT also, my 5K
rack went for 100K with torn boot.  Nothing behind the boot that a little
water and dirt will harm anyway.  DFI if IAB!
> What do you think?
> Will the torn boot lead to early failure?
> What is involved in boot replacement once the rack is off the car?
It would require removing the external hydraulic tubing to slop the new boot
over the cylinder, as I recall.  No internal disassembly.  Certainly not
worth the effort just for the boot.
> This is a Jorgen rebuild... same unit I had difficulty installing due
> to buggered splines where it connects to the steering column.
Another reason for DIY.

> - -
> Dave C.
> Bernie wrote...
> The Q is who rebuilt it and with what competence.  Why would you
> consider buying it, rather than rebuilding yours?
> Bernie
>> From: TooManyAudis at
>> Just noticed a new (well, reman) ZF steering rack for 5000/100/200 Audis on
>> ebay.

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