Oh, glorious (snow) day!

Dan Cordon cord4530 at uidaho.edu
Wed Dec 1 15:02:57 EST 2004

I know...we get a ton of these posts each year, but yesterday was our 
first good dump of snow. I woke up to ~4" of snow on the 200tq20v and my 
wife asking "can you take me to work?" Being the extremely wise person I 
am, we hopped in the civic hatchback (it was warm and in the garage) and 
headed out. Even with snow tires, it was spinning all over. It drove 
fine, but was definitely at a loss for traction.

At lunch I came home and swapped cars to the audi and enjoyed one of the 
finest drives yet this year. While other cars were struggling to stay on 
the road, I enjoyed a casual "sunday drive." I actually had to work hard 
if I wanted to break loose at all. What GREAT cars we have!

Dan Cordon
Mechanical Engineer
University of Idaho - Engine Research Facility

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