ABS Issues

Mike Miller mikemilr at blackfoot.net
Fri Dec 3 14:23:39 EST 2004

From: Paul Luevano

So, a new little problem has popped up on the 20v.  When I come to a stop,
as the car slows to about 3-4mph, I can feel the ABS kick in.  This is
also combined with the fact that the ABS keeps shutting itself off during
regular driving.


Paul, does it do that when stopping in a straight line or only when 
turning/stopping - like pulling into a prking place? I've suspected a bad 
ABS sensor for a while on mine, but it only does it on slow turns. The ABS 
light also will occasionally come on when hitting a bump - just have to hit 
the ABS sw twice to turn it back off.


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