Thank you and signing off...

David Priebe davidpriebe at
Sun Dec 5 19:45:17 EST 2004

Well, my 200 Avant has been sold. Sadly its been gone for a week now,
off to a new home, where hopefully it will be well taken care of.
I would really like to thank the members of this list for all the help
I've received for this car over the last four years. I'm sure that
without all of the list's enthusiasm and knowledge of these cars, I
probably would have sold it some time ago. Although I didn't post very
much, whenever I did responses were almost always immediate and very
helpful. I'm not completely moving out of the Audi fold. I still have an
S6 and will still be active in the local Audi club, but now with a 911.
I will also be clearing out my garage of 200 stuff over the next month,
posting stuff for sale on the Audifans marketplace. Some of the stuff
includes set of Bentleys, 2 sets of 16" wheels, front G60 calipers, rear
calipers w/ rebuild kit, turbo hoses, a dot headlight, Koni
struts/shocks and various other stuff.

So thanks again,
Dave Priebe
Carnation, WA
91 200tqa gone but not forgotten
95.5 S6 122k hers
66 MGB 41k 
77 Porsche 911

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