Radio problems

Mike Sylvester msylvester at
Mon Dec 6 18:00:40 EST 2004

The Bose radio sold in the '91 200q20v is special and requires total system
replacement as you said, however the wagon did not come with the Bose
system.  This radio can be replaced without totally rewiring the car.I
replaced mine with an aftermarket Blaupunkt.  This radio had the same
connector as the factory.The only hitch is that the car has its own amp for
the rear speakers.  You could do 2 things here.1) Re-wire the connector at
the radio to use the pre-amp out for the rear speakers or bypass the amp
under the rear seat.I rewired the connector and continued to use the factory
amp.Mike Sylvester--------------------I'm new to this, so...

Anyway, my daughter just received a 1991 200 Quattro Turbo Wagon as a gift
(from her Grand Aunt).  The car is pretty good for 165,000 miles, with the
noticeable exception of the radio (which is currently worthless).

I've been told that the radio is rather special, and that either the car
must be totally rewired for new speakers and radio, or the original radio
be replaced with original equipment.

I have an acquaintance who works for a local VW dealership that tried to
order the radio, however, says it's no longer available.

Anybody know what the truth is and how I can hep her rectify this  problem?


Rick Smith

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