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Phil and Judy Rose pjrose at
Tue Dec 7 10:29:11 EST 2004

At 3:15 AM -0800 12/7/04, Tom Egbert wrote:
>   I have two of these cars and both had euros 
>installed by previous owners. I lost the low 
>beam driver's side. I tried to get the bulb out 
>last night and was totally frustrated. What am I 
>missing? I see clips on top and bottom that 
>appear to release the bulb but I cannot get my 
>hand in there and get both at once.
>                         Thanks, Tom

The driver's side low-beam is especially 
difficult (with Eurolights) in this car. I had to 
replace one on that side last week.

Any alien creatures with "ET" fingers in your 
neighborhood to help out? :-) It does help to 
have slender hands and long fingers (I'm sorry to 
say that those with fat hands and/or short 
"sausage" fingers should probably not waste their 
time even trying). Of course to get adequate 
access you need to completely remove the hinged 
plastic lid before attempting this--not merely 
allow it to swing down.  As I recall, I was able 
to use the fingertips of both hands to apply 
enough counterclockwise turning force on the top 
and bottom "handles" so that the retainer can be 
twisted loose. If you're twisting in the proper 
direction it will eventually "pop" loose. IMO, 
replacement is even a bit harder--inasmuch as you 
need to apply some force against the retainer's 
spring-action before you can get it to twist 

Yesterday I noticed that my passenger-side bulb 
(low-beam) was kaput, so that's my job for today, 
but much easier on that side. You might try a 
practice run by removing the bulb retainer on the 
passenger side--if you need to get a "feel" for 
how it works. Heck, that side of your car 
probably deserves a new bulb anyway. Good luck.


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