Radio problems

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Wed Dec 8 21:05:30 EST 2004

You kidding right?  <stick poke>  Does daughter realize this is one of less 
than 157 examples if it is a 200 20V Avant?
And that enthusiasts would "be right there" to pick it up before something 
happens to it?

The motor alone is worth (with ECU) about $3,000 but the Avant is so rare is 
shameful to even consider it.

FYI: Either way don't trade it in on another car for $500

The Avant doesn't use the Bose system AFAIK.  I have both and only the sedan 
has it (Bose).  The special feature about the stereo is that it can be 
connected to the dash Instrument cluster to display frequency and stereo signal.
I'm not sure it's a pre-amp head unit wired to amplified speakers like the 
Bose system in the 200 (sedan) and V8's of that 

If there's no pre amp head unit (if so just buy a pre-amp new head unit) just 
buy an aftermarket radio and have it installed.

Hope this helps.................
-Scott by BOSTON

> I'm new to this, so...
> Anyway, my daughter just received a 1991 200 Quattro Turbo Wagon as a gift  
> (from her Grand Aunt).  The car is pretty good for 165,000 miles, with the  
> noticeable exception of the radio (which is currently worthless).
> I've been told that the radio is rather special, and that either the car  
> must be totally rewired for new speakers and radio, or the original radio 
> should  
> be replaced with original equipment.
> I have an acquaintance who works for a local VW dealership that tried to  
> order the radio, however, says it's no longer available.
> Anybody know what the truth is and how I can hep her rectify this  problem?
> Thanks

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