92 S4 Cluster In 200 20V Plug n Play?

Brice Warnick Brice2004 at webtv.net
Thu Dec 9 22:22:36 EST 2004

I picked up a 92 S4 Cluster with the white face guages on Ebay for
$150.00 with 85,000 miles on it from the original owner. The same year
cluster with 125,000 miles sold on Ebay for $252.00 last week.
My question is will this whole cluster fit in my 200 20V opening and
will the plug ins be the same? I wont have the cluster for a few days
but the size looks the same in the pics. i
If not I am sure I can just switch the guages or just the face plates or
resell it on Ebay for $250.00
Anyone have any knowledge or experience with putting a 92 S4 cluster in
a 200 20V?

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