Mudflaps for a '91 200 20v?

Tom Ellis tom at
Fri Dec 10 23:55:59 EST 2004

Has anyone among you ever found some decent mudflaps for your car?  I'm
getting tired of constantly having to either hose off or scrub off all of
the dirt, oil, etc. that gets thrown down the sides of the car and the rear
bumper once the weather turns bad.  Worst case I can just buy some cheap
flaps at the local auto-parts store and cut them so they give a reasonable
fit, but I'd much prefer something either made for this model car or that
will fit better/look better than going the "cheap flap" route.  The local
Audi dealer knows nothing about any possibilities, and I haven't had any
success at the various Audi sites I've visited on the net.  So if any of you
have found/made something for your own car I'd appreciate hearing from you.

Tom Ellis

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