Bernie Benz b.benz at
Mon Dec 13 10:13:41 EST 2004

> From: Paul Luevano <paul at>
> I managed to find a shop with some RedLine in stock, so I was able to do
> the fluid change on Saturday.  The trans ended up taking just 3 qts..
> That is after a full draining, and filling until the oil just started to
> dribble out of the fill hole.
Check it again after driving a few miles, Paul.  The oil doesn't flow all
the way back until run a bit.  Do you feel good about it now?
> I (mistakenly) thought I could also use the MT-90 in the rear diff, but
> after closer investigation, I luckily discovered the error of my ways and
> ended up just replacing with the OEM Audi fluid.  A good thing too,
> because the diff was very low.  I need to replace both seals on that.
First, add 1/2 can engine seal restorer to tranny and diff. and run for 1K
miles, and check again for leaks.


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