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Phil Rose pjrose at
Mon Dec 13 14:17:45 EST 2004

At 12:35 PM -0500 12/13/04, TooManyAudis at wrote:
>My Rear Bose Speakers have the familiar popping sound that precedes
>catastrophic failure and mass conflagration.
>Is there a Dealer recall / replacement for these speakers?  My new local
>dealer seems to be unaware of any campaign.
>If there is not a recall campaign, what's the best way to get music back to
>the rear seats?

Somehow your dealer (and _you_) missed notice of this 
very-extensively discussed (at least in the audi online community) 
recall of the '91 and '92 100, 200 and V8 with Bose rear speakers. 
This recall campaign was first announced during mid-2002, and the 
campaign code is "LM". You might want to try another dealer if one is 
available, inasmuch as your new local dealer is either incompetent or 
simply trying to blow you off (or both).


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Rochester, NY
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