Bose Rear Speaker

Phil Rose pjrose at
Mon Dec 13 18:17:32 EST 2004

At 5:43 PM -0500 12/13/04, Kneale Brownson wrote:
>Don't know why the dealer would want to "blow you off".  Audi paid
>dealerships an hour of shop rate for the amp replacement.  The guy at my
>local dealership did mine in less than half an hour and mine was the first
>he'd ever done, so he spent half that time getting the right tools out.

I'd suspect "incompetent" if the service manager checked for the 
recall and failed to find it. But if he didn't even bother to check, 
then that qualifies as a "blow-off"; although I agree it's hard to 
understand that attitude. Sometimes, seeing a 14 yr-old car come in 
for service (or parts) can generate strange reactions at certain 
dealerships, although my experience with the Bose recall was quite 
positive (this at a dealer who classifies our alternator belt to be a 
special-order item).


>At 02:17 PM 12/13/2004 -0500, Phil Rose wrote:
>>  your new local dealer is either incompetent or
>>simply trying to blow you off (or both).


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