Bose Rear Speaker

Eugene Kanter eugene at
Tue Dec 14 07:50:21 EST 2004

Recall only covers amplifier boards with connectors. Replacement comes
with connectors and if yours are soldered (like mine) recall is not
applicable. After much trouble I negotiated that I'll solder connectors
on my wires and replace amplifiers myself. The cost for the new set from
Audi was around 160 if no recall is mentioned - still cheaper then
sending for repair for about 90 for each.

However if amplifiers were ever inspected and found soldered the recall
campain is marked as "done" and you'll  not be able to get free
replacement even if you want to solder them yourself.


В Пнд, 13/12/2004 в 12:35 -0500, TooManyAudis at пишет:
> My Rear Bose Speakers have the familiar popping sound that precedes 
> catastrophic failure and mass conflagration.
> Is there a Dealer recall / replacement for these speakers?  My new local 
> dealer seems to be unaware of any campaign.
> If there is not a recall campaign, what's the best way to get music back to 
> the rear seats?
> Thanks,
> Tom

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