Bose Speaker update

TooManyAudis at TooManyAudis at
Tue Dec 14 09:11:00 EST 2004

Thanks to everyone who replied to my inquiry regarding the recall for bose  
speakers on the 200q20v.
The dealership is brand new.  I have been calling ever since I got my  car a 
year ago to find our precisely when they would open.  Oddly, they  always 
seemed to be "3 months away".  They finally opened their doors  around October 1.  
Needless to say, I have been trying to get an  appointment since that time.
Finally made some progress after my post the other day.  I have an  
appointment on Friday to "see" if my amps qualify for the recall.  Assuming  they do, 
I'll have to have another appointment to get them replaced.  What  a freakin' 
My 200q20v had been neglected for several years before I got my hands on  it. 
 There is no way the previous owner had the recall work done.  We  even had 
an interesting discussion when I discovered water only in the cooling  system 
-- apparently, the radiator had just been replaced, and "antifreeze  wasn't 
needed in Florida."  I tell ya, people like this are the reason our  cars are 
being parted out and engines transplanted into URQs, Coupes, 80s/90s  and 4000s.. 
 Needless to say, my "good deal" pricewise has turned into a  serious labor 
of love/hate over the past year.  
On the positive side, I now have a great highway cruiser that I don't  
hesitate to take on 500 mile trips with just a moment's notice -- my 88 80q is  
getting jealous, maybe someone can help me out with that.
Anyway, thanks for your help.  I'll let you know what dealer has to  say.
-- Tom Werner
88 80q
92 VW Cabriolet

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