blown H4 bulb

Phil Rose pjrose at
Tue Dec 14 10:56:37 EST 2004

At 7:53 AM -0500 12/14/04, Eugene Kanter wrote:
>Has anyone replaced H4 without removing headlight assembly from the car?

Yes, of course. Although access to the H4 lamp is _very_ tight, it 
can be replaced in just a few minutes. In fact --just one week 
ago--there was a thread on this list describing  H4 replacement. Look 
at the archives!

One important step is initially to completely remove the hinged 
access door, otherwise there will not be enough room to work. After 
that you'll conclude that there's still not enough room, but it can 
be done.  Just keep repeating (to your fingertips), "It _can_ be 
done...It _can_ be done..."


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