anti-lock brake off switch/diff lock bypass

Mike Del Tergo mdeltergo at
Wed Dec 15 13:59:28 EST 2004

My speed sensor has been disabled somewhere along in its previous life (not 
the usual snip of the (wht/blu?) wire under the back seat.  I actually would 
like to find the break in signal as my cruise and trip computer both don't 
work because of it. IMO.  As far as driveability on low traction situations 
I like being able to have the diff locked at all speeds, especially in 
situations you describe.
I have found no downside yet.  Also I think is is more an accelerometer vs 
speedo, so it doesn't disengage when spinning wheel might indicat 20 mph, 
but more when the car is actually moving 20 MPH?

>I will remove the switch and see......
>I know in the past we talked about bypassing the speed sensor for the
>diff lock,  but I am curious if anyone currently has done this so you
>can go over 15 mph and keep the diff locked, and how has this affected
>their traction, momentum goes a long way to get you up snow and ice
>covered terrainI would like to remove the speed limiter
>on the rear diff and see how it goes.

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