Fog lamp switch internal light replacement

Chuck Pierce cpcycle at
Thu Dec 16 01:59:04 EST 2004


Thanks for the URL for the switch lights.
The switch on my desk has the sockets so that makes the first part easy.
Next comes the seat switches


Henry A Harper III wrote:

>>Since almost all my switch lights in the center console are out. It is
>>time to see if i can put in new lamps.
>>I have heard of folks pulling the switches apart to replace them.
>>I have the fog lamp switch apart. THe question is.... ( before I break
>>What pieces do I unsolder before pulling out the white lamp holder?
>>I understand that Scott @SJM has the bulbs to use as replacements.
>See for some details...if I recall correctly
>the only ones I needed to solder were the little tiny bulbs on the seat
>heater controls, while the push-button switches had two bulbs in each that
>were simply socketed (pull out, push in).

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