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The Northeast Chapter of the Audi Club NA (NEQ) is again holding two winter driving schools in New Hampshire this winter: 
  January 15-16, 2005
  February 5-6, 2005

These schools are very popular, and oversubscribe very quickly.  Due to this, we control applications by post mark date.  Read the application carefully; you must mail the application on or after the earliest postmark date listed on the application for the school you are applying for...  Those dates are December 20th for the January school, and January 1 for the February school.  If you mail your application early, you will be last in line for admission to the event!  Best bet is to mail it on the first allowable date.

Application form in Word format:
(Right click to save as, open it, print it, fill it out, and mail it)

There is a writeup on the school in word here:

The school consists of a brief classroom lecture Saturday morning, followed by a full day of training on a snow and ice course held at Tim O'Neil's rally school facility.  This closed course allows controlled practice with braking, turning, skidpad control of over and understeer, and a road course where you practice all of your winter skills.  We typically have the school using three areas; a skidpad (big circular ice pad); a braking and slalom area, and a road course.  Conditions vary from sheer ice to soft powder over ice, depending on weather conditions, of course...

Saturday night we have a banquet at the hotel.
Sunday is a half-day continuation of the previous day's school, ending with an informal road course across all three areas.  You can expect to be on the road for home early in the afternoon.

Hope to see you there!


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