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here in CO one of the established Porsche/Audi dealers charges $150 for
alignment, and once in a blue moon I get some coupons including a alignment
for $100.  I've tried other "expert" suspension/alignment shops around
Denver and the dealer does a noticably better job- they get it right.  I
believe it all comes down the guy working the alignment equipment....

and please no comments about DIY alignment - there are some things I'd
rather just pay for so I can do other things with my time....

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> >I'd be interested  to see what happens in another 6 or 8 weeks when this
> >backlog of work slacks  off.  I don't think an alignment will be any
> Wow, Tom - that does sound a tad bit high. Last alignment I had done was
> $59.95 in Missoula, MT. Shop labor has been slowly creeping up - it's
> over$60/hr now. I used the dealer in Bellevue, WA a year or so ago. They
> charged $99/hr then and even washed and vacuumed the car. I thought it was
> one spendy car wash <g>
> mike
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