3b powered Vanagon?

Derek Pulvino dbpulvino at hotmail.com
Thu Dec 16 15:48:04 EST 2004

I posted this quesiton to the regional forum in VW Vortex and got not 
response, and wondered if anybody here new about this:

Hey all,

Does anybody know if there has been such a conversion done by someone up 
here in the Seattle area?

Last night saw a Vanagon that I think was a synchro (based on ride height), 
and while I wasn't completely stepping on it, the Vanagon kept up with me in 
my 200. Driver got in front of me, and as I was following him/her, pretty 
sure I recognized the fluted oil pan, ancillary oil sump, and blue harmonic 
dampner/crankshaft pulley.

Does anybody know about this vehicle and can confirm my sighting? If this 
person pulled this one off, kudos. Pretty cool idea.

If so, also too bad there's one less of the 1500 or so 91' 200Quattro's on 
the road now.


I believe the swap would be easy enough to do as I know people have put 
plain 10v I-5's into the Vanagons.  From there I don't think it'd much more 
difficult for the 20v.  Might have some tranny issues, and might need to 
alter some more noise dampening insulation but...

Anybody here know about this?

Derek P

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