fuel drain behind right front fender?

RicebalLDR at aol.com RicebalLDR at aol.com
Thu Dec 16 21:48:07 EST 2004

In a message dated 12/16/2004 17:22:55 Eastern Standard Time, C1J1Miller 
I think that _is_ where the charcoal canister is found (passenger's side 
fender well behind the liner).  Did you overfill the tank, and force fuel into the 
No, Chris, I parked the car in the garage and had a fuel smell the next 
morning. The car was filled 4 days earlier, driven to LaGuardia Airport( 90 miles). 
It sat in the employee lot for 3 days then was driven home. I found what 
looked to be a piece of yellow tape about 3 " square that was laying below the 
drain It had jellied fuel and stale old fuel stink. Maybe it was a factory thing 
that never was removed and the fuel finally made it come off and then all the 
old fuel was able to drain. I cleaned the area and put a piece of clean 
cardboard down to see if it leaks any more. All fuel lines look good. I thought ours 
where OK just the urS4 and urS6 had line issues. I will give it a run and see 
how it goes.Thanks for the input................RRF

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