92 S4 Cluster In 200 20V Plug n Play?

Brice Warnick Brice2004 at webtv.net
Sat Dec 18 00:14:18 EST 2004

Ben and Ingo,
                       Thanks for your replies. You were both right on
the money.
                       The 92 S4 cluster is a totally different size
than the 91 200 20V. The S4 cluster is longer and a little higher than
the 200.
                       The analog clock in place of the voltmeter is
                       Today I located a 95 S6 voltmeter for $45.00 so
now I can complete going white face guages on the whiole cluster.
                      I will switch the guages from the S4 to my 200 20V
and change the faceplate on my speedo to keep the mileage.
                      To keep my 200 cluster clock in the tach I am
going to have a square cut out of the S4 tach white faceplate. I have 2
extra 200 tach faceplate that I can use as a template and will put
something like paper or thin plastic between the 2 faceplates as to not
damage the white faceplate. I have a machinist who will do this for me
for cheap. Any suggestions on doing this? The speedo has 3 squares cut
out cleanly so why not the tach with 1 large square? I would never try
to do this myself but only have an expert machinist do it as I dont want
to damage the white tach faceplate. This will cost me no more than
           While I have everything apart I will also upgrade to all 2
watt bulbs. 
           Do you know if the A OK check syytem circuit board is the
same for the S4 and 200?
I have been having some minor problems with
my 2 year ago resoldered A OK circuit board and wanted to just switch it
from the 85,000 S4 cluster to the 200 113,000 cluster.  
                         Thanks for your expert help.

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