Comfort/ Sport Seat Interchangeability

Ed Kellock ekellock at
Sun Dec 19 12:07:30 EST 2004

As long as you are referring to a '91 200 20v sedan, then the swap
will not pose any fitment issues.  If instead you meant a '91 90 20v
sedan, you'd be in for an interesting bit of re-engineering.  ;-)

I've had these seats out a couple of times for cleaning and various
other projects and they're pretty much just heavy.  Before you
disconnect then, move the seat all the way back and bring the seatback
to its full upright position.  At least on one occasion, it seemed
easier to remove the seat through the back door instead of the front,
maybe just on the driver's side.  The rear feet of the seat will get
grease on the carpet.  I suppose you could wrap them in plastic,
although I've never tried that.


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> My car has "comfort" seats.  Problem is, me arse slides around
during spirited driving.  Thinking of driving 20 hour r/t to score
"sport" front seats from a '91 20v sedan but first want to ensure the
swap is as simple as I assume it to be.  Anybody know for sure?
> Sean
> Dover, NH
> '91 20v Avant
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