Comfort/ Sport Seat Interchangeability

SuffolkD at SuffolkD at
Sun Dec 19 20:06:17 EST 2004

I really hope so.  I can't tell you what you already know.  Try doing five or 
so track events in those seats.  (As my dad would say:)  Talk about "doing 
No better thing than to be "held" in place.  Sport seats would probably be 
worth the drive coast to coast, but then again, its price dependant.
-Scott by BOSTON

<< From: "Sean" <>
 My car has "comfort" seats.  Problem is, me arse slides around during 
spirited driving.  Thinking of driving 20 hour r/t to score "sport" front seats from 
a '91 20v sedan but first want to ensure the swap is as simple as I assume it 
to be.  Anybody know for sure?
 Dover, NH
 '91 20v Avant  >>

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