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Mon Dec 20 23:07:29 EST 2004

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Hi gang.    I began taking my 3B apart for its new RS2 manifold and pre-conversion rebuild (seals, gaskets, paint and polish) and I managed to break off not 1, not 2, not 3,  BUT 4 freaking exhaust manifold studs BELOW the surface of the head!

BTDT, but a different car...and with only 1 broken stud (sorry).  Here's my .02:
1.  Begin by saturating the holes (preferably for days) with penetrating oil.
2.  Try applying heat to the stud with a localized heat source (pen-type torch, soldering iron, etc.).  Do this repeatedly- the goal is to break the "seal".  Yes, penetrating oil is flammable.
3.  Drill a tiny hole (smallest bit you have) smack-dab through the center of the stud (tough to do).
4.  Drill a slightly larger hole over the original.
5.  Obtain an "Easy Out" device and pray it works.
Easy-Out devices are reverse-threaded rods.  You begin screwing the device counter-clockwise into the hole you've drilled in the stud.  In theory, the device will seat, tighten, and begin turning the stud out.  Caveat: Easy-outs are hardened steel.  If it breaks off (not hard to do), the problem is exacerbated.
Good luck.
Dover, NH
'91 200 20v Avant

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