Acceleration Odor

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Coonhound,<br><br>The sulfur smell may also be your car running rich and as you guessed <br>causing a case of inflamed catalytic converteritis.  I know this is the case <br>in my car.  No matter what people say, it's really something you can never <br>get used to.

Glad to hear mine isn't unique in this regard.
Lighting up the catalyst material in that manner would, I guess, impede through-flow, possibly causing an exhaust bottleneck or back-pressure.  Or would it assist through-flow by acting somewhat like a jet afterburner?  
Has anyone mistakenly installed hollow catalytic converters in their car?  Any ill effects?
Finally, to clarify the record, my car leaks nothing.  OK, maybe freon.
'91 200 20v Avant

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