broken exhaust studs!!! Help!!

Ken Keith auditude at
Tue Dec 21 09:57:51 EST 2004

I've had good success using reverse drill bits for the same purpose. 
You drill the hole and eventually it catches and backs the stud out. 
If it doesn't catch, at least you have the hole for the ez-out.


"Sean" <coonhound at> wrote:
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> Hi gang.    I began taking my 3B apart for its new RS2 manifold and pre-conversion rebuild (seals, gaskets, paint and polish) and I managed to break off not 1, not 2, not 3,  BUT 4 freaking exhaust manifold studs BELOW the surface of the head!
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> BTDT, but a different car...and with only 1 broken stud (sorry).  Here's my .02:
> 1.  Begin by saturating the holes (preferably for days) with penetrating oil.
> 2.  Try applying heat to the stud with a localized heat source (pen-type torch, soldering iron, etc.).  Do this repeatedly- the goal is to break the "seal".  Yes, penetrating oil is flammable.
> 3.  Drill a tiny hole (smallest bit you have) smack-dab through the center of the stud (tough to do).
> 4.  Drill a slightly larger hole over the original.
> 5.  Obtain an "Easy Out" device and pray it works.
> Easy-Out devices are reverse-threaded rods.  You begin screwing the device counter-clockwise into the hole you've drilled in the stud.  In theory, the device will seat, tighten, and begin turning the stud out.  Caveat: Easy-outs are hardened steel.  If it breaks off (not hard to do), the problem is exacerbated.
> Good luck.
> Sean
> Dover, NH
> '91 200 20v Avant

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