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Ingo Rautenberg i.rautenberg at
Wed Dec 22 11:25:48 EST 2004

Sorry about the NAC, but I don't know where to find more knowledgeable guys ;-)

Recently, I had the Step down transformer on our 20 year old GE Magnetic Induction Range go bad -- and can you believe, they don't have that part anymore and neither do any of the distributors I've contacted (nor is a replacement available).  :-(  Reminds me of the Urq ;-)

So I need some advice.  This is a step down transformer for the touchpad circuit board, which in turn controls the heating elements.  Quite ingenious, really, in that it steps down from 240v to 5 leads, which pair up to do the following: 

2  55-volt circuits and one 13 volt one.  Well, one of the 55-volts is apparently out. Maybe I could tap into the one from the other good one?

Makeshift diagram:
            ____________ +
            ||___55v_____ +
 240v     ||___________

I appreciate any ideas.  There is room for multiple transformers.  The original one is only about 2" x 2"

Feel free to respond off list, as I'm sure this wouldn't be interesting reading for most.


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