High Pressure Hose update

TooManyAudis at aol.com TooManyAudis at aol.com
Fri Dec 24 16:31:11 EST 2004

I did some searching around the web for the high pressure hose in my  200q20v.
I found that (gasp) Shokan, of all places, had the hose for about $136  
including shipping.  That's about $100 less than the worldpac places on the  web.  
And, while it still isn't cheap, it is doable.  Of course,  having the hose 
rebuilt would be cheaper, but my inherent laziness won out over  the $60 or $70 
bucks I would have saved.  And, when you factor in the two  trips to the hose 
shop (one to drop off, one to pick up), well, I'd just as soon  be done with 
I am very surprised that I found this part at Shokan for what appears to be  
a reasonable price.  They have always been quite proud of their used parts  
when I have called in the past.  So much so that I recall several instances  
when a used part from them was more than a new part from the dealer.  I'll  
comment as to the quality once it is installed.
Now, if only my supply of Pentosin will last me until I get back home to  
slightly warmer weather...
Thanks for everyone's input.
-- Tom Werner
91 200q 20v
88 80q (on the selling block)
92 vw cabriolet

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