James Miller threadlessclimber at
Fri Dec 24 20:06:04 EST 2004

happy holidays,

I've been reading and enjoying the archives the last few months
I've wanted a 200 avant since my local Audi dealer had one new--I didn't 
have my liecense then being only thirteen--
in the years preceeding I made a few friutless attempts at purcahasing one 
of these beauties

but then last June I saw and test drove Paul Royals by chance when I 
randomly went on ebay and found his lago blue avant for sale with in forty 
miles form my home

Some what sadly I lost the auction
but from there with some research
I traveled by plane to Baltimore, Maryland (I've never liked to fly) and 
purchased a pearl white 20v avant (110,xxx miles)--(I wanted the blue but 
the white sold me when I saw it in person)--the purchase went great--I drove 
it problem free home to New Hampshire with a stop on Fisher's Island, New 
York where my older brother cooks seasonaly (great times...visit the Pequat 

I've done some work on the 200 myself and I've refound Chris Semple (he had 
done work and sold me parts on my 5000)

I'm sorry for running on--I just felt I should give a little of my back 
ground due to the personal interaction on this site and the fact that I've 
learned a lot form reading the past posts

I love this car--most newer Audi's I'd lose the ablity to lock the 
differcial and kill the ABS on comand --I have a winter driving corse for a 
drive way--(I'm hoping to sign up for the winter driving school if I can 
afford Christmass(I signed myself up for the NAAC for Christmass))

I could go on for hours about his car--I've owned about fourteen cars and 
his is the best combo (GTi s--16v Scirooco, Jettas,5000, Wetafalias, 
4runners (my truck ball stage)--one winter a Suby Legacy--not bad but then 
there's quattro)

thank you to Paul Royal and congrates to the new addition to the 
family--also thanks to Dan S.--not sure if he has sold his 200--hopefully 
his achillies tenden has healed up and he's able to use the clutch again

This resorce is the better then most Christmass presents (keeps giving all 
thanks for the help
if anyone is in New Hampshire and needs anything give me a ring at 
603-279-6905--I'm a cook--but I'll help out any way possible

Many thanks and greetings,
James Miller

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