Power Steering question

TooManyAudis at aol.com TooManyAudis at aol.com
Mon Dec 27 19:43:37 EST 2004

I have a 500 mile drive ahead of me tomorrow, and need to do it with a  leaky 
hydraulic system -- I have a new high pressure hose on the way, but I  won't 
be able to do the repair until the weekend.
I have a full can of pentosin in the car, as well as maybe 8 ounces left  
from the liter I bought last week.  I will top off before starting out, but  
don't really want to break into the new can until I have replaced the  hoses.
Can I run the car without the PS belt attached to keep the hydraulic fluid  
from leaking all out, or do I need to stop being cheap and just fill the damn  
thing up whenever my brake light begins to flash on the car?
88 80q (For Sale)
92 VW Cabriolet (New Top)

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