Power Steering question

TooManyAudis at aol.com TooManyAudis at aol.com
Mon Dec 27 22:11:42 EST 2004

You imply that Your PS leak is from the HP hose (otherwise, why  decide to
relace it?).  Could also likely be the rack's HP rod  seal.  In either case,
the lowest pressures on these leak prone  components is normal hiway driving.
Go for your trip! and don't do parking  lot parking exercises.  You could
slacken the PS pump belt tension and  suffer the lack of PS on low speed and
parking lot turns, without adverse  consequences.  The PS pump needs fluid to
not self destruct, so watch  your low fluid warning light.

Thanks Bernie,
The leak is definitely coming from above the rack.  I'll give it a run  and 
see what happens.  
-- Tom


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