IA RS2 EM and turbo

Brandon Rogers brogers at terrix.com
Tue Dec 28 14:23:09 EST 2004

well it looks like I'll be installing one of the Intended Acceleration Extrude Honed (tm) exhaust manifolds as well as the IA RS2 turbo pretty soon.  Plus I do have the proper software.  It's my understanding the install is slightly less painful than the normal RS2 EM due to fewer number of studs needing to be shortened.

My thought is to tighten down at least one or two nuts on the studs that need to be shortened, then get out the Dremel and cut off some length, then undo the nuts to chase the threads.  Thoughts?

Any input greatly appreciated. 

Who else is running this IA RS2 combo?  Driving impressions?


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