MC 443 721 401 A facts, photos and ATE Sachs BOGE

SuffolkD at SuffolkD at
Mon Feb 2 13:26:32 EST 2004

Nat, Mike, Brett:

The MC I ordered was a Sach's from German auto and was (as Nat said 
) stamped BOGE.  I suspect either would be OEM quality.  Same part number. 
 Looks similar to the slave cylinder too.
-Scott by BOSTON photo attached (stripped to the list) FWIW.............
> Well, I only got Brett's message from the bottom of Mikes message for some
> reason,
> But to respond - Thanks for the scolding Brett, however Mike is correct, I
> bought a new unit.  Also, I have lots of Ebay experience and nothing but
> positive feelings towards Ebay (although I have had a few minor issues but
> where in life don't you??).
>  BTW, I also support the standard online dealers we all know and love (SJM,
> PC, Blau, etc, etc.)
> That Aside, the question was if there is a difference in quality between the
> Sachs and the ATE.  ETKA actually cross references the part 443 721 401 A
> and says you could also use 4OA721401A but the latter is listed on the parts
> page.  Scott sent me a picture of a SACHS MC that has the 40A part number on
> the box but the unit is not aluminum as far as I can see.
> FWIW Brett, My SACHS unit is actually stamped BOGE and is also an all *cast
> aluminum part*.
> So there.
> So maybe they are interchangeable after all?

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