aha(fuel leak)

Brett Dikeman brett at cloud9.net
Tue Feb 3 18:07:41 EST 2004

At 5:58 PM -0500 2/3/04, Phil Rose wrote:
>At 5:13 PM -0500 2/3/04, Brett Dikeman wrote:
>>Anyone know how to check both the top electrical valve, and the bottom drain?
>The canister valve operation (clickety-click) is part of the "output 
>check" sequence (injectors, WGFV, cannister valve, etc...described 
>in detail on SJM's web site).

Yep, but that doesn't mean the valve is actually sealing/opening! 
And that doesn't help much with the drain valve.

Looks like I have other problems as well- the ISV doesn't open up 
with the ignition on, as it should.  Valve's fine(7-8 ohms, 
opens+closes ok with external supply), 12v supply is OK(that rules 
out the fuse), ground is suspicious.  I cleaned the twin grounds on 
the intake side of the engine, but curiously, I get a tenth of a volt 
between engine ground and the ground side of the ISV connector.  I 
forget, is the valve return-side switched like the injectors?

And of course, I can't find my electrics volume of the Bentley set...

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