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I have used the three systems you mentioned and liked Sys 3 the best.  This
was on a '91 V8 5-speed that is a couple hundred + pounds more than your

The only practical difference between Sys 2 and 3 is the rotor.  And I
don't really like the generation 2 S4 rotor.  It is heavier, has less
offset (less deeper hat), and requires a 17" wheel.

If you had a turbo quattro coupe or a 10v 5kt/tq or 10v 200tq, you'd have
no choice but using Sys 1 or 2.  But since you have the S4 struts, you can
use sys 3 and enjoy all the stopping power of sys 2, without some of the
hassles associated with sys2.

As for getting new snow tires/wheels.  16" snow tires are much cheaper than
17".  Also, I would suggest just swapping back to the G60s in the winter
(you do have longer winters in Idaho than we do here in Portland I believe).

If you had a two wheel ice/snow window like we do here in Portland, then by
all means get new tires/wheels and ditch the G60s forever.

BTW, I bought two sets of the Sys 3 rotors for around what you mentioned
for the S4 rotors.


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Date: Thu, 05 Feb 2004 23:51:00 -0800
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Subject: Bira Opinions

While awaiting my bira membership I thought I'd ask those on the list 
their opinions of the bira systems. I have a 91 200 tq that has the S4 
G60's installed. I guess I have the choice between systems 1, 2, and 3. 
I'm leaning more towards 2 or 3. With system 3 it seems like it will be 
harder to source euro A8 this the case? Finding 2000 S4 
rotors has been pretty easy, with some (non-slotted versions) around 
$139 per pair.

Is the system 2 noticeably better than the system 3? I have 17" wheels 
for summer, and 15's for the winter. So either way I'll be needing to 
buy some new winter wheels/tires.

Any opinions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance-

Dan Cordon
Mechanical Engineer - Engine Research Facility
University of Idaho

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