Bira Opinions

Greg Johnson gregsj2 at
Fri Feb 6 22:12:48 EST 2004


Your only choices are Sys 1 and Sys 3.  Sys 2 is for A4s and will not 
fit your car.
No chooses Sys 1 anymore because Sys 3 is a slightly better system 
(larger caliper and rotors) that fits more wheels and costs about the 
same amount of money.  We've not had any problems finding Euro A8 
rotors.  When we first developed Sys 3 rotors were hard to come by.  Now 
Audi, Textar, Brembo and Zimmerman have them.  Track testing reveals 
that Zimmers are the way to go.

If you want to drive Sys 3 on a 200tq you're welcome to come uo to 
Spokane and drive mine.

Greg J

>Dan Cordon <cord4530 at> wrote: Subject: Bira Opinions
>While awaiting my bira membership I thought I'd ask those on the list 
>their opinions of the bira systems. I have a 91 200 tq that has the S4 
>G60's installed. I guess I have the choice between systems 1, 2, and 3. 
>I'm leaning more towards 2 or 3. With system 3 it seems like it will be 
>harder to source euro A8 this the case? Finding 2000 S4 
>rotors has been pretty easy, with some (non-slotted versions) around 
>$139 per pair.
>Is the system 2 noticeably better than the system 3? I have 17" wheels 
>for summer, and 15's for the winter. So either way I'll be needing to 
>buy some new winter wheels/tires.
>Any opinions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance-

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