re. How many 91' 200q20v sw are there?

Ben Swann benswann at
Sat Feb 7 00:53:57 EST 2004

I saw this number some time back (an actual official number) but don't recall exactly, but 170 rings a bell.  Somewhere in the order of 1000 200Q20V's total in '91, incl. wagons IIRC.

p.s. I know the feeling with the car loaded - 2 kurweil pianos, 2 keyboard amplifiers and speakers, stands and passenger - loaded but not slow.

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Hi fellow 200q20v lovers,
Just did a high speed midnight run with my indigo flake 200 filled with
musical equiptment.  I love my car.  Was curious? Just how many audi
200q20v stationwagons are their in th U.S.?  Well I 'm new to this list, 
I'm my own mechanic so this should be helpfull.]

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