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Mon Feb 9 13:38:24 EST 2004

Anyone have an alternator seize up on them?  I have a 4kq with 200k+ miles
on the original alternator.  It is killing belts (yes I'm using the right
width and lenght) in a horrible screeching way.  The pulleys are aligned
and not bent, either.

Any ideas?


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Subject: Batteries

Andrew writes ...
" What is the current consensus on replacement batteries? Interstate?"

OH NO ... not another battery thread!

Interstate is among the best ... many of their batteries have other names
pasted on them.  I think the Interstate website tells what some of these
other names are.  One I'm pretty sure of is DuraLast at AutoZone.  WalMArt
and/or Sam's Club may also have Interstate with another label on it.

Check/confirm that your alternator belt has correct tension ... slipping
belt can give the appearance of a failing battery.
Dave C.

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