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Mon Feb 9 19:29:55 EST 2004

At 12:40 PM -0800 2/9/04, Mike Miller wrote:
>  > " What is the current consensus on replacement batteries? Interstate?"
>>  OH NO ... not another battery thread!
>I've had good luck with the Champion brand that Sam's sells. Has the vent
>tube and more CCA than the VW one and sells for $30.

More CCA's are not better; go off what the manufacturer recommends in 
CCAs and the correct BCI number.  In fact- it's worse to get a higher 
CCA-rated battery, because the plate mesh is thinner; the more 
surface area the plates have, the more amps the battery can deliver. 
The side effect is that the battery is much more easily damaged by 
vibration and improper charging; plate material that flakes or breaks 
off will collect at the bottom of the battery and eventually short 
out the cell, which will cause it to sulfate almost immediately and 
the battery will be useless without a lot of work(drain, flush, 
refill, desulfate).

Everything you wanted to know about lead-acid batteries, but were 
afraid to ask:

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