Headlight Options

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1) Best bang for the buck is to add a relay from the positive crank terminal
to the lamps.  $20 in parts, or buy the harness for $50??

2) Replace the lamps with Sylvania Silverstar  ($25 for a pair)
    ( not sure how well the PIAA lamp conversion works..)

3) Convert to Euros.....(with relays in the new harness, its about $600)

4) Convert the 9004 lamps to HID, there is a kit available for $1100-1200
    (can't put my finger on where I saw it, but will try and remember if
    interested). The problem is that the 9004 is a DUAL FILAMENT, and the
    kits are single (low beam) only, so you need to add in a high beam set
   of lamps to make it work.

(relays and silverstar, may do the 9007 conversion
 for experimental purposes only)

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> All
> I bet somebody has wondered if there is a way to "fit" some HID or good
> Zenon headlights onto a 200tq. Am I right? Or is my only option for decent
> lighting toget some Euro Specs? If anybody has a good tried alternative,
> please reply. I'm getting old and can't see like I used to! The life you
> save, might be your own! Just kidding, but after riding in a Mercedes S
> I NEED better lighting ASAP.
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