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Tue Feb 10 11:31:20 EST 2004

	Go for option #3.  I just converted my 200q20vt to euro's this
weekend and what a difference.  The US lens is junk.  I tried a set of PIAA
Extreme White bulbs (high output 95/135w) for the US lights and they didn't
help.  They were $60 and I'll sell them to you if you want.  Not
	The PO must have had some electrical issue with the lights on my car
because some relays were wired in on the passenger side.  I bought my set
from Blau along with their harness and 80/100's.  Clearly the only option
for our cars.  To save money, you can make your own harness and there are
listers who've make their own.  For me it was the time to make one and the
Blau harness made it easy for me.  
	If you go Euro's, I'd get them quick with the Euro/dollar exchange
rate, the prices are going up.  I know Ron's Parts in Canada has a set for a
good price.  Blau told me I got their last set at the old price.  Expect at
least a 10% increase on these units.  My connections in the auto industry
confirm the price increases.

91 200q20v (Newly installed Euro's: now seeing where I'm going!)

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1) Best bang for the buck is to add a relay from the positive crank terminal
to the lamps.  $20 in parts, or buy the harness for $50??

2) Replace the lamps with Sylvania Silverstar  ($25 for a pair)
    ( not sure how well the PIAA lamp conversion works..)

3) Convert to Euros.....(with relays in the new harness, its about $600)

4) Convert the 9004 lamps to HID, there is a kit available for $1100-1200
    (can't put my finger on where I saw it, but will try and remember if
    interested). The problem is that the 9004 is a DUAL FILAMENT, and the
    kits are single (low beam) only, so you need to add in a high beam set
   of lamps to make it work.

(relays and silverstar, may do the 9007 conversion
 for experimental purposes only)

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> All
> I bet somebody has wondered if there is a way to "fit" some HID or 
> good Zenon headlights onto a 200tq. Am I right? Or is my only option 
> for decent lighting toget some Euro Specs? If anybody has a good tried 
> alternative, please reply. I'm getting old and can't see like I used 
> to! The life you save, might be your own! Just kidding, but after 
> riding in a Mercedes S
> I NEED better lighting ASAP.
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