Headlight Options

Alan Cordeiro alancordeiro at comcast.net
Tue Feb 10 12:32:53 EST 2004

from the Osram Sylvania catalog:

Part number        design watts                MSCD (mean spherical

9004, 9004LL       low bean 45w               58
                           high beam 55w             100

9007                    low beam 55w               83
                           high beam 65w             113

9007LL               low beam 55w               80    (longer life)
                           high beam 65w             113

the 9007 puts out over 40%more light on low beam, 13% more on high.
Another difference is the orientation of the filaments, the 9004 is
the 907 is north-south (like the engine in the Audi). It makes the beam
pattern a bit different, seemed more focused to me...


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> Alan
> (relays and silverstar, may do the 9007 conversion
>  for experimental purposes only)

I ran the 9007 conversion for about 7 yrs on my last 200q - it was worth the
effort, but not even anywhere in the same universe as the Euros of the same
wattage. 9007's are about 10w higher than 9004's - it is noticeable. You
will have to switch two wires ( I think it was ground and high beam) and
modify the bulbs to fit. I spent about $5 and put in two new sockets and
spliced them inline with the old sockets so I could run either. Maybe a 9007
silverstar would be the cheapest bang for the buck - I never ran the


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