Euro lights

Matt twentyV matt_20v at
Tue Feb 10 14:00:45 EST 2004

>I bought my set
>from Blau along with their harness and 80/100's. 
>Clearly the only option for our cars.  To save money,
>you can make your own harness and there are
>listers who've make their own.  For me it was the 
>time to make one and the Blau harness made it easy 
>for me.  

What is the general impression of the Blau harness
quality?  I built my own for my '91 coupe, and now
want to put euros onto the new-to-us 95S6.  Looks
like getting the complete kit with harness from Blau
is only a couple bux more than just buying the lights,
but if their kit is crap then I'd rather build my
Matt Rooke

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